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Dear Reader:

I was walking down Grace Street toward Broadway. In front of me was a 30-something couple wrapped up in winter gear followed by two large dogs, a brownish setter mix and a white Airedale. The two dogs didn’t have leashes on them and I was amazed that they knew not to run out into the street. The foursome came to an intersection and the two people began to rush across the street, in a hurry to get out of the cold, I assumed. They didn’t look either way and didn’t notice the car passing through the intersection. The car braked quickly and I could see the driver yelling as he proceeded under the streetlight and the people jumped onto the sidewalk to avoid being hit. When I reached the intersection, I noticed the dogs still sitting at the edge of the curb. The couple called to them and both dogs, in unison, looked first left, then right. Then, as their owners waited impatiently on the other side, hands on hips, they trotted briskly across the street.