Dear Reader:

Sitting inside the Starbucks on Broadway near Roscoe, two art students had tired of sketching people slushing through the two-day-old snow. After deciding which Melrose Place characters they were most like, one woman had an inspiration: “Let’s try to find the person whose shoes are the least appropriate for the weather.”

–Dave Wiethop

A man in a ragged green down coat and a Jesus Is Coming button and carrying an oversized homemade clipboard sits down on a southbound Howard-Dan Ryan train and begins to draw a charcoal sketch of the woman in the seat next to him during rush hour. The woman, dressed in a long wool coat with her head wrapped in a muted paisley scarf, is a reluctant subject. But when he is finished, she is obviously impressed. He gives her the sketch and she searches her pockets for something to give him. Instead of money, she gives him two coupons for Starbucks coffee. He gives her a piece of string to tie up her artwork.

–Sandi Abadinsky