Walking down East Superior last week, I was taken aback at the sight of a grounds crew hanging pine wreathes and holiday lights on bushes and trees. One man was even whistling carols. Talk about your nightmares before Christmas. It was still two weeks until Halloween! The next day, when I passed camera crews, wardrobe people, and lights on the same spot, it became apparent that the trimmings were movie props. That was little comfort, however, when I realized that these “landscapers” had redecorated nature, stripping every last leaf from the bushes and trees, giving a whole new meaning to the words “take” and “cut.” I only hope they remind the viewing audience that “many living things were harmed during the making of this movie.”

–Anne M. Peternel

The rollerblader careened along the sidewalk, strafing baby carriages and hot dog vendors, then swerved down the curb-cut and into the street. An oncoming van screamed into a skid, avoiding the man on wheels, who never bothered to break stride. Back on the sidewalk, pedestrians shook their heads at the near accident they had witnessed. “If he’d killed him,” one man observed, “we’d have lost a whole 50 IQ points.”

–Leah Eskin