Scene: The corner of Division and Cleveland.

Characters: Kevin Adair, a biker, and a respectable-looking white-haired woman of about 70. She has beckoned him over.

Woman: Hi…Can you…can you give me a ride?

Adair: On the bike?

Woman: Uh-huh. Could you take me out of here?

Adair: Where do you want to go?

Woman: Oh, anywhere. Just away from here.

Adair: Aaaaaao …[Shrugs.] Well, I think it would be a lot better if you took a bus. You can catch one at that corner.

Woman: No…No. I, I don’t have any money. Could you just take me?

Adair: Where do you want to go, ma’am?

Woman: Could you…take me to…Wisconsin?

Adair: Listen, I came over ’cause I thought you might be in trouble. I’m just going around the corner. I don’t even have enough gas to get to Wisconsin.

Woman: Oh. Oh. I see. Well, thank you anyway.

Adair: Sure. Take care now.

Woman: Thank you. Buh-bye.

Overheard in the audience at Dancing at Lughnasa, on the subject of animal testing: “This business of putting eye shadow on rabbits; it’s just not necessary.”