A friend writes:

Pete Miller’s Steakhouse in Evanston is full on a Friday night. There’s a line at the door, and two young women in the dining room are having a salad and a baked potato between them. The manager approaches their table and informs them that she won’t ask them to move but the steak house has a room for diners having light meals; the dining room is for customers who are having dinner. The woman eating the baked potato angrily counters that the manager has ruined her dinner, that she’s never been so mistreated in her life. Then she yells loud enough for several tables to hear, “I’m a vegetarian. You’re discriminating against vegetarians!” The manager says something placatory, but the woman’s having none of it. “You’re really in trouble now,” she continues. “Everybody is going to hear about this–I’m in the media!”

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