Overheard on the el:

Girl 1: So then she told me I was a threat to society. I ain’t no threat to society.

Girl 2: Yes, you are. Look at you.

Boy 1: Oh, yes you are. Your flunking ass? You’re a major threat to society. Your butt is going to flunk out of school, you’re going to get pregnant and go on welfare. Then, after I get my diploma, I’m gonna end up paying for you and your three children.

Girl 1: I’m not gonna end up that way.

Girl 2: Oh, yes you are. Your boyfriend is gonna knock you up and leave your ass behind.

Boy 1: Yeah, your boyfriend is gonna have sex with you, then kiss your ass good-bye when he finds you pregnant. So you’re stuck without a man to support you, and you’re gonna have to go to your mama. So, she’s left trying to support your uneducated ass.

Girl 2: Yeah, and she’s gonna have to pay all the hospital bills that you and your three kids rack up after you’re all addicted to drugs.

Girl 1: I am not a drug addict!

Boy 1: You will be after all this crap happens to you.

–Dana Allande

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