A teenage couple, both wearing Bulls jackets, were five minutes early for a Sunday matinee at the Logan Theatre. There were a dozen or so people in the audience, most of them alone.

The couple walked down the aisle and stopped at the sixth row from the screen. They nodded at each other and moved down the row.

He went all the way to the wall. She stopped halfway. He waved her over. She waved him over. After a slight pause, they each sat down, leaving two empty seats between them.

He sipped his Coke and stared at the blank screen. She glanced at him, then looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching. Everyone was.

He laughed and waved her over. She waved him over. Then both stood up, moved over one seat, and sat down. They spent the rest of the movie arm-in-arm.

–Craig Shaw

A man in his mid-30s talking to two boys at Brookfield Zoo, Sunday, March 5:

“Jimmy! Bobby! Look over here! Do you see that? It’s a reindeer! Yes, a reindeer! You know, the kind that pull Santa’s sleigh? Yes! It sure is pretty, isn’t it? Just like the one on Daddy’s wall.”

–Riley Minster