Standing room only didn’t stop the conversation of a couple of guys screaming from opposite sides of a crowded train car.

“So how’d you like the show?” asked one loudly.

“Aw, I had to leave early,” replied his goateed friend, shrugging his shoulders. “My date had to go home because she was supposed to meet someone.”

“That’s cool,” said the first guy consolingly. “You missed the encore, man, they played ‘Children of the Grave.'”

“That’s cool.”

“And some guy split his head open, right in front of me.”

“He was standing next to you?”

“About 10 feet away.”

“That’s cool.”

–W. Post

A security system usually buzzed people in to the mom-and-pop store on the corner, but today the door was propped wide open. I walked in to buy some orange juice, and an unfamiliar man was at the cash register. “I took the door down,” he said. “I lowered the prices. I’m changing everything. Tell all your friends.”

Two weeks later, I saw the original owner back at the register. He said, “I couldn’t sell him the store because he didn’t have enough money.”

–Michael Marsh