To the editors:

Cecil Adams’s “The Straight Dope” column [February 14] contends that speed reading is not the answer to technical reading overload. Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics agrees. Yet the reading improvement method distilled by Evelyn Wood from her studies years ago provides a key component in a specialized technical reading program offered by Chicago-based American Learning Corporation (ALC).

That program–the Customized Information Management and Technical Reading Program–already has been presented to numerous advanced technology organizations. They include aircraft maintenance division managers of Northwest Airlines and managers in the Ordnance Systems Department of the U.S. Naval Weapons Center at China Lake, California, as well as managers and engineers in such utilities as Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric, NICOR (Northern Illinois Gas) and NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Company).

The customized program offered by ALC (which holds worldwide rights to Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics) encompasses a wide range of skills necessary for managers beset with a daily avalanche of reading. These skills include comprehension, recall, memory improvement, critical thinking skills, note-taking and concentration. The program also includes research and study skills, as well as the increased reading pace skills appropriate to technical writing that are traditionally associated with Evelyn Wood.

Meanwhile, there are more than a million graduates of the widely popular Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, including the staffs of Presidents Kennedy, Nixon and Carter. For those graduates who continue to exercise their skills, the program yields an invaluable advantage in plowing through mounds of reading they confront in their daily lives. Reading Dynamics is not intended for those doing textual analyses of Shakespeare’s plays, but it can be vitally important to anyone beset by demands of the “Information Age.”

Douglas Paul


American Learning Corporation