Dear editor,

I read with great interest Bonnie McGrath’s piece on feng shui (Our Town, 5/27/94). References to this fascinating, ancient philosophy have been showing up over the last several years in respected publications and periodicals, and several small volumes are in print. Feng shui masters, also referred to as geomancers, spend years studying and mastering the mysteries and complexities of this ancient tradition. They are highly respected professionals in Chinese circles and are consulted by any number of prominent international clients.

I perceived that Ms. McGrath was taking an almost “tongue in cheek” approach to the material and the class she attended and was disturbed to read her final line, “That’s feng shui.” Granted, I did not attend Ms. McCloud’s presentation at the Latin School, but two of my friends did. Because of its increased exposure, there will certainly arrive on the scene those willing to cash in on what, for some, will be no more than a “decorating fad.” To reduce feng shui to a few cliches and “bells and whistles” denigrates legitimate practitioners and their lifetime dedication.

We are so eager in our culture to grind up information and regurgitate it in tiny “one size fits all” pieces. I would encourage anyone truly seeking the benefits of feng shui to read up on the subject. Informative articles in the Atlantic Monthly and Smithsonian magazines are available at the public library, and a number of the books are available when ordered through our local booksellers. It is a truly enriching experience well worth the small effort.

Mary Donaldson

W. Madison