Dear Editor:

I read with interest your recent example of media criticism regarding WBBM-TV News, written by Lee Sandlin [February 3].

I actually laughed as I read Sandlin’s attempt to critique broadcast journalism using his self-important, personal observations as some sort of reasonable standard.

Frankly, here in the world of broadcast journalism it’s become a running joke as we watch the brave “alternative press” substitute reason and reality for caricatures and distortions. And as usual, writers like Sandlin live up to the first rule of this bizarre form of “journalism” . . . never letting the facts get in the way of a good yarn.

But who could blame him, he’s only doing exactly what your research suggests.

John F. Lansing

Director of News

WBBM-TV/Channel 2 News

Lee Sandlin replies:

You’re exactly right. I am substituting reason and reality for caricatures and distortions. Your station ought to try it sometime.