To the editors:

I would like to share some facts and opinions on senatorial candidate Recorder Carol Moseley Braun [March 6] to balance the media rush to place her on a pedestal.

Braun takes credit for the “profit” of the recorder’s office, but it has been historically taking in more money than budgeted. Last year Braun complained that many of her employees were grossly underpaid!

Braun never took personal charge of the recorder’s office. As with her campaign, she puts total trust, faith, authority and control in a chosen few. It took Braun 14 months to issue a memo requiring her attorneys to put in a full day’s work! Some serious legal questions seem to be beyond her concern or comprehension.

Braun denies there is a 25 month gap in the Torrens records and removed a sign informing the public of that fact. Only a letter from a committee chairman of the Chicago Bar Association elicited a new sign, but now in positive words! As for Torrens, instead of considering a new high-tech public system, Braun played handmaiden to the land title insurance industry. Her old buddy, James Thompson, signed the abolition of Torrens tacked onto other legislation as his last official act with no debate. And Chicago Title has just announced a rate increase!

Braun’s payment of large consulting fees to political cronies is truly ludicrous. Between the “Blue Ribbon Committee” and interwoven Chicago Title & Trust, free technical advice is for the taking.

The bottom line is that a West Sider wanting to know the owner of a vacant lot or abandoned building must rely on the computer records of Chicago Title instead of the free public records, as do all knowledgeable lawyers and realtors.

William R. Alban

S. LaSalle