To the editors:

The question asked in the subheadline of February 20th’s issue — “Rate the Records — Each Candidate Has Served One Term — Which One Deserves Another?” This is similar to asking which do you prefer, white refined sugar which makes you sick then makes your teeth rot or a nice heaping tablespoon of bran flakes which will clean up the system and make everything regular again.

Please pardon the grossly overstated analogies but something of that nature could have easily rolled off reporter (?) David Moberg’s pen. Perhaps something more on the line of “whoever lives on the south side and does not vote for Harold Washington should be hung . . .” We all know that the word should be “hanged” and fear the thought of not being well-hung. Nonetheless, Harold Washington’s (oh, I’m sorry, Lech’s) virgin ears may be harmed by the word patronage.

Marie Anne Kacmarek

N. Clarendon