Thanks for critiquing the Chicago Tribune’s lame “Road to War” series, which was purported to be an analytical reexamination of how we got into such a messy situation in Iraq [Hot Type, January 6]. A better title for the series would have been “Rehash of a Whitewash.” How can any journalist still give Bush & Co. the benefit of the doubt after so much information now indicates that they knew they were “cherry-picking” intelligence to scare the public into backing a preemptive war? “From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August” is how Bush staffer Andrew Card explained the timing of the White House PR blitz to drum up support for invading Iraq. After the revelation of the Downing Street memos, it is clear that the American people have been hoodwinked by a shady White House sales staff. The Trib failed to examine the false Iraqi WMD allegations in the first place and merely tried to fog up the rearview mirrors with this series. Colin Powell has all but disappeared from politics since his dramatic sales performance at the UN has proven to be a big joke. Sadly, the laughs are on us, and newspapers like the Trib are partly to blame.

Lou Hinkhouse

Logan Square