To the editors:

I was very disappointed in your cover story of the January 23 issue, “A Woman’s Choice: Jean Peterman’s Fight for Reproductive Rights.” It was very biased towards proabortion without accurately presenting another viewpoint. Any antiabortion ideas were degraded. Crisis Pregnancy Center, a well-reputed national organization, was described as a “fraud.” I would have expected you to cover such a controversial subject as abortion more objectively.

I am a married woman, without children, and work with children as a registered nurse. I do not consider myself a prolife activist. However, I disagree with the views expressed in the mentioned article. I am unable to equilibrate my “reproductive rights” with my right to have an abortion. “Reproductive rights,” to me, means–in our medically sophisticated era–the right to conceive if I choose, the right to intelligently use birth control when conception is not desired, the right to say “no” when sex may lead to undesirable conception. The availability of birth control in our society gives every man and woman the right to choose whether to conceive or not. These are our reproductive rights. I admit that rapes and accidents occur, but these cases are a minority comparatively.

Since conception these days is so controllable, society must focus on birth control education–educating men and women of their true “reproductive rights.” For, after conception has occurred, a new person has been formed, and we have no right to end that life. With conception, reproductive rights end and responsibility begins.

I have appreciated the Reader’s articles in the past, and I’m hoping that in the future articles regarding controversial subjects will be treated more objectively.

Alice G. Johnson

W. Arlington