To the editors:

Carol Moseley Braun [March 6] suffers from a deficiency noted in many politicians: she has a complete lack of class.

In late January of ’92 she flashed her 1,000-watt smile and stuck the knife in Bill Clinton, saying to Channel Two’s Mike Flannery that women would remember the Flowers affair. C’mon girl, don’t you want a Democratic president supporting your legislation when you grace Washington with your presence?

History and videotape will never forget her moving words during the March WLS TV debate: “[My integrity] has stood me in well stead throughout this harsh-fought campaign.”

Her two TV ads were platitudes and rich honky-bashing respectively, but she has not gotten what she stands for, other than “democracy,” “change,” jobs, health care and withholding a middle-class tax cut into the public arena.

I heard women say, before the primary, that “We need a woman in the Senate.” This is as bad, in a slightly more subtle way, as Gus Savage’s indictment of “Jewish misleaders” and “the white racist press.” It is, simply, sexism.

Honey Rosenfeld, a Deerfield resident, said of the election, “We’ve had enough of Christian men.”

Hell, Al Hofeld is Jewish, if that matters (probably it matters to Gus Savage).

Great, break down the walls erected by the wealthy white men in power. But cast your vote because your candidate is for jobs, the right to choose, defense cuts or campaign reform, not because they have two X chromosomes or have more melanin in their skin than David Duke.

Ed Hershman

N. Southport