Cultural Literacy Quiz

Can you guess my subject?

(1) “Most sixtyish women don’t even want to watch Three Men and a Baby let alone have a baby.”

(2) [He] and his girlfriend were speeding away from the scene of the crime, like some working-class version of Sherman McCoy and his mistress in The Bonfire of the Vanities.”

(3) “I could have rented Lust for Life and watched Kirk Douglas scream it up as the one-eared Vincent Van Gogh.”

(4) “It would have been great–and not all that surprising–if [he] had pulled a Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men and hollered, ‘You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!'”

(5) “All of a sudden The X-Files is starting to look like a documentary.”

(6) “You should see the ugly scrape I have….It looks like I was bitten by one of those little chompers from The Lost World.”

(7) “He’s got a name that sounds like it’s straight from the credits of Tin Cup….[He] has more adolescent fans than the guy who plays Bailey on Party of Five.”

(8) “You could hand me a stack of Ben Franklins, put me in one of those anti-contamination suits from Outbreak, promise me a scrubbing like Streep received in Silkwood and hand me a titanium shovel–and I still wouldn’t do it.”

Answers: (1) Late pregnancy. (2) Officer Gregory Becker. (3) Tyson/Holyfield II. (4) Mel Reynolds. (5) Heaven’s Gate. (6) Baby stroller. (7) Tiger Woods. (8) Cleaning up a house found full of animals.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo by Paul L. Merideth.