I take issue with T.C. O’Rourke’s implication [Letters, April 3] that cyclists need other cyclists around them not to be “endangered” on Chicago streets [City File, March 13].

What will put you at risk, I believe, is timid street cycling–the kind of timidity that O’Rourke’s “alone we’re endangered” dogma promotes. If your fear of riding alone in traffic is clear to the vehicle operators around you, they’ll make sure to reinforce it–whether you’re behind handlebars or a steering wheel.

You don’t need a crowd of two-wheelers to bike safely in Chicago (or New York or San Francisco). You do need to ride with assertion and a grasp of traffic rules. If you don’t know how, take a traffic-cycling class (call 312-42-PEDAL to find one).

Dave Glowacz

N. Artesian