The “Victims of Victims” article [October 1] was a sad and outrageous tale, showcasing the many deficiencies of DCFS. The defective thinking compounding its oft-stated problems of too little staff and too few moneys is quoted by Jill Manuel, deputy director of communications. In addition to the “not enough resources” lament, she says the DCFS shouldn’t be monitoring the parents giving birth who are in jail or have had their parental rights terminated–because “civil liberty issues are at stake.”

Excuse me, but exactly whose issues are more at risk here? Matters of life and death clearly trump “civil liberties”; providing all hospitals with a red flag system of names of those whose parental rights have been revoked is merely rudimentary follow-up, not a local version of the Patriot Act. Children are dying, and it is partly the system’s fault.

Amber Ladeira

Northwest side