Dear Sirs:

At a time when Americans may be giving up some civil rights in the name of security I was amazed and amused to see the Reader apparently willing to do so just for the fun of kicking the United States Marines around.

I’m referring to the lead story “Who Let the Dog Out?” in the November 30 paper. The issues seem to be:

Should a person’s arrest records be considered in enlistment? (Employment, school admission, union membership, etc.)

Should any entity above incur a liability if that person commits any crime of which he has ever been accused?

Should that person’s arrest records follow him, be open to every supervisor, considered in every assignment, change, and move?

If this person is ever accused of a similar crime should he be put into some form of restraint even though he has been questioned and not arrested?

Mike Sula answers yes to each and I assume the Reader agrees. Can’t help wondering about your employment policy!

Thomas W. Scheuer