Dear editor,

The passing of school councils was long overdue [“The Power Nobody Wants,” February 25]. Their contributions have always been overrated, and rarely have they won the respect of the professional staffs of their schools. Many were under the control of the principals and often betrayed the best interest of the children.

The strong arm of the current school administrators leaves no room for serious community involvement. This discourages many from even bothering to participate in the election.

The underachieving schools in many of the undesirable communities are not able to attract competent staff due to their locations. Some have always made little or no progress in educating their students. These schools were often used as dumping places for staff persons that the board was unable to get rid of. The opening of magnet schools and special schools have helped to drain the more able students away from these schools, leaving a large student body of underachievers. The current staffs are being held responsible for performing miracles with the children, or losing their jobs. Educating the poor is a very difficult and thankless task, and it is made more difficult when uneducated community persons are placed over professionals.


Hollis Chester

S. Drexel