To the Reader:

Thank you for the inside look at door-to-door canvassing (Our Town, March 10).

I have responded to a canvasser at my door from Citizens for a Better Environment on three separate occasions. On each occasion the canvasser assured me that all of my personal donation would go toward recycling, specifically the separate collection that is done around the city by the Resource Center, the organization I founded to create jobs doing environmental work. Furthermore, I was assured that a donation made that evening to CBE would go to the Resource Center. Others individuals have commented to me that they have donated to the Resource Center through CBE.

The Resource Center has never received money from Citizens for a Better Environment. The canvassers have said more than was true to make the “sale.”

I do not speak to any canvasser at my door since the paid canvasser might be inclined to suggest more than is factual thus positively effecting his/her ego and pay. I recommend that other citizens practice the same precaution, donating directly to organizations they support.

Your article mentions that roughly half of any contribution covers the salary and other canvass costs. I recommend that organizations withdraw from fund-raising that makes less than 75 percent of the contribution available to advance the nonprofit goals. Nonprofits should also avoid fund-raising where none of the contribution goes to the work promoted by the canvasser.


Ken Dunn