Don’t go bashing trendy bands just for the sake of bashing trendy bands [“Nu Age,” November 11]. You [Jessica Hopper] write for the Reader, not the Wire. If you had read just the slightest bit of material from [Animal Collective]’s own mouths you would realize that they don’t even stand for the new “freak-folk” tag that they’ve been pushed into. And you writing a full page accusing them of exactly that only perpetuates this ignorance and puts you in the same wagon as everyone else. I’m not saying you have to like a 42-tracked, layered song with delay, but at least don’t go for the easy cop-out by comparing it to your first bad acid trip. And how about a band’s fifth or so album progressing from their last one? Ever think of that? Again, you whining about how they didn’t regurgitate Sung Tongs just further categorizes yourself as a close-minded reviewer. And isn’t it f-ing, not effing?

Alee Peoples