Dear editor:

Cherry Angostura’s harsh criticism of Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper (“That’s Rich!” December 21) was completely accurate and “richly” deserved, but unlike Angostura, I have found Roeper’s work both inspirational and reassuring.

Back in 1999, after reading two weeks’ worth of Roeper’s columns, I realized that his inane conceptual ability and foggy writing style had set the bar so low that anyone could write a column (myself included). I am now a weekly columnist for another publication and have had more than 100 columns published.

Whenever feelings of self-doubt creep across my keyboard, I think of Roeper and remember that no matter how lame any of my weekly installments might turn out, they are all at least as good as Roeper’s. That kind of encouragement is priceless!

Jordan Madorsky

Happenings Magazine

Kenosha, Wisconsin