To the editors:

I was amazed and angered when I read your June 21 story on page 3 by Peter Strazzabosco concerning the Palacio Theatre at 4038 North Sheridan.

In his story, Mr. Strazzabosco stated that I “mysteriously decided to sell the building for the back taxes to Lou Wolf.” Mr. Strazzabosco apparently didn’t do his homework in researching this story and did not bother to contact me or anyone on my staff concerning the scavenger sale of this building. His article implied that I was in some type of collusion with Mr. Wolf.

Had he bothered to even make one phone call, your author would have found the true facts regarding the scavenger sale of the Palacio Theatre. I am enclosing a news release that I issued on March 14, 1991, which states that the county was not able to make a “no cash bid” on the theater because the County Board did not approve this bid until December 7, 1987, a month after the sale actually occurred. The fact is that any registered bidders can make a bid at the scavenger sale, and I have no authority to deny this bid, even if he is Mr. Wolf.

Edward J. Rosewell

Cook County Treasurer