To the editors:

[Re: Reader’s Guide to the Silver Screen, July 17]

Russ Meyer films at a “Rotary Club smoker”? Oh, I understand . . . you’re mistaking us for the guys with the funny hats . . . guys with antlers, or some fraternal organization. No, no. Rotarians are the men and women who provided the money and people power to immunize a half billion children against polio over the last seven years. We’re the ones who provide community service and work for goodwill and peace in 184 countries and geographical regions. We’re the business and professional leaders of our communities. Since the world headquarters of Rotary International is in Evanston (a mini-United Nations, with staff members who collectively speak 35 languages), we’d love to have your former film critic Dave Kehr visit, so we can clear up his obvious misconception.

Martin Kantor


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