Dear editor,

Let’s soothe Victoria Kuohung and Raymond Nomizu’s concerns that mayoral candidate Bobby Rush is racist toward Asian-Americans (Letters, February 12). Yes, in his “Rush Job” (February 5) Neal Pollack regaled readers with an anecdote in which Rush visited an unnamed Asian restaurant (or in Pollack’s affectionate terms, a “chop suey parlor”) on Sheridan Road in Uptown where he repeatedly called the owner “Ms. Eggroll.” But as someone familiar with the Uptown neighborhood, I’d be willing to bet the writer a six-piece with hot mustard that Rush entered an Asian restaurant on Sheridan and Wilson named, coincidentally enough, Ms. Eggroll. Since Pollack admits that Rush was addressing only the female proprietor this way, can’t we safely assume he was talking to the actual “Ms. Eggroll”? Indeed, add this strategically omitted information and suddenly Rush’s sobriquet goes from appearing shockingly racist to merely a tad irreverent.

Jeez, Pollack took such delight in implying that Rush was disorganized, dense, and cynical, one wonders why the writer also stooped to such sleazy race baiting. And why your editors obliged him with an illustration that belonged on a flyer for a minstrel troupe. Well, keep it coming with those balanced features, Neal. We love ’em!

Tom Lawler

N. Sheridan

Neal Pollack replies:

Mr. Lawler is correct. The restaurant was Ms. Eggroll. I failed to notice the name, and I deeply regret the error.