The O.J. Simpson trial was the Trial of the Century only for those with a historical memory about the length of a Starbucks coffee order. But the phrase wasn’t a complete misnomer, since the Simpson trial did appear to last for a century. As the list below illustrates, appearances were not deceiving.

O.J. Simpson murder trial: 9 months to acquit

Nuremberg trials: 9 months to mainly convict (for all 21 Nazi defendants)

Charles Manson murder trial: 7 months to convict (about one month per victim)

Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial: 6 weeks to convict (Bruno Hauptmann, defendant)

Mel Reynolds underage sex trial: 1 month to convict

Selena murder trial: 12 days to convict (Yolanda Saldivar, defendant)

Susan Smith murder trial: 1 week to convict

Jesus Christ: 1 day to convict