To the editors:

I don’t really know what Alderman Bernard Hansen has done to be cited as a “dis-illuminary” [“City Hall: Postprimary Pieces,” February 27], but maybe you could tell me. The streets are decent, garbage gets picked up, and there is a police presence. Even some of the bars on Belmont are closing down. As far as I’m concerned, that’s an indication of a good alderman.

If candidate Ron Sable had spent more time talking about being an alderman and less time about being the gay candidate, he may have received more support. I don’t care what someone’s sexual preference is, I just care about what they’re going to do for the 44th Ward. I thought both candidates were good candidates, but Sable could have done more. How will he clean up the drug dealing and prostitution on Belmont Avenue? What will he do about gang activity? What was his stand on tenants’ rights? How will we house the homeless and yet clean up transient hotels?

These are issues that should have been raised instead of who supported the gay rights ordinance. C’mon Gary, print some real facts, not just your opinion,

Mike Prest