To the editors:

Re: “Club Owners Sing the No-Cover Blues” [The Culture Club, November 13]

May I suggest that Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Pellegrino bring some new and exciting bands to their clubs instead of blacklisting bands if they perform at Brother Jimmy’s or blaming Mr. Goldman for a drop in revenue and audience in their respective clubs.

One only has to read the music listings at B.L.U.E.S., B.L.U.E.S. Etcetera, Kingston Mines, Blue Chicago, etc. to see that the same (mostly local) bands and singers perform every week at the above clubs or alternately between them week after week. It’s the same bands (and singers)–the same songs over and over–all playing for the most part what one would categorize as traditional “lump-dee-dum” blues. (A little once in a while is fine–but not a constant diet!)

Blues, like other music forms that have grown and developed into rich, innovative styles, must also be allowed to do so. Who has the closed minds? Club owners? (Perhaps even some performers.) Thanks to Buddy Guy’s Legends, one can hear all styles of blues (from the traditional to the contemporary). A delightful and most needed treat!

I don’t believe the blame for lack of revenue and interest is due to Brother Jimmy’s. It’s the tired, old, often boring music that is repeated and repeated night after night, week after week at these Chicago clubs by the same performers.

Again, kudos to Buddy Guy for allowing us to enjoy all forms of blues performed by some new and exciting bands at your club–don’t change! Methinks Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Pellegrino need to open their minds to the new and innovative blues performers. Maybe then you all would stop “cryin’ the blues.”

Anne Montiore