To whom it may concern:

I was OUTRAGED when I read the gerbiling article in the Savage Love section, Section Four, on August 21. I could not believe you would publish something so graphic. It was so graphic I nearly threw up after reading it. You should have had a graphic warning before this article, in order to warn readers. If I knew this article was so disgusting I would have never read it.

You should not have published something so graphic in the first place. This article could still have been written without the detail of ripping the gerbil’s legs off, etc!! I have heard of gerbiling, but I did not need to know all of those gory details.

I feel sorry for all of the children who may read this article. This is a free publication, making it even easier for children to have access to it.

I want to bring this to your attention and others as well; this garbage should not be published! Definitely not published without a graphic warning. I hope next time you rethink your decision of publishing such explicit information that is not needed for Dan Savage to answer a simple question.

Julie Buscaglia