To the editor:

Although I’m an avid fan of Dan Savage’s Savage Love in the back of Section Four, I feel an informational tidbit in his August 27 column may have misled all three of the Reader’s readers in Kansas and the half dozen or so who were planning to move there.

The item in question comes from Dan’s response to a reader distraught over the gradual disappearance of letters written by “people fucking their dogs, screwing their moms, or eating their poo” from the column. Dan suggested two theories to account for the lack of such correspondence: people are too busy playing with electronic toys to be kinky, and people have turned to advice columnists less hostile to these particular kinks for support. Fine so far, but then Mr. Savage informs us his theories are just theories and therefore, like Darwin’s theory of evolution, can’t be taught in the Kansas public school system. There’s the rub. His theories about disappearing dogs, moms, and dung, as well as the theory of evolution, can be taught in the Kansas public school system on the initiative of individual teachers. They just can’t be made a required part of the curriculum.

Yes, a fine distinction perhaps, because only the bravest and most enlightened teachers will be able to withstand pressure from the Christian right not to teach “Savage Love 101: Its Core Content and Character,” but still.

Frank Rawland

W. Thomas