I read last week’s article about the evils of MTV’s Real World in Wicker Park [August 3] with some skepticism. I find it quite curious that a community can muster such outrage in response to a trivial documentary–however flawed that documentary may be. Some apparently fear suburbanites will flock to Wicker Park after the show reveals its bohemian glory. In case they haven’t noticed the SUV gridlock or million-dollar homes, the bourgeoisie have long since entrenched themselves in “artsy” Wicker Park.

Did filming in Seattle destroy its system of piers? Did the camera lights wreak havoc in Honolulu? I think those communities have long since forgotten the antics of each self-aggrandizing dope counting down their 15 minutes of fame. As for the owner of Myopic Books, who posted a No MTV Filming sign on his door, I’m afraid it’s too late for you. With your swank little iMacs, you’ve already fallen prey to a corporate giant’s “counterculture-chic” marketing brainwash. I say, c’est la vie, and soon MTV will phase out its silly show for something even more inconsequential.

Brian Quinn

N. Fairfield