As a longtime Ravenswood resident, I have mixed feelings about the proposed condemnation of the block on Western from Lawrence to Ainslie [“Fair Warning” by Ben Joravsky, September 14]. While I think it could be good for the neighborhood, and the city, in the long run, the use of eminent domain here is of course troubling, on many levels.

What I am quite sure of, however, is the value of one building on that stretch, a lovely building with white glazed terra-cotta. I would hate to see it disappear. We have lost so much great terra-cotta ornamentation already, and of course when all that lovely terra-cotta work is gone, it’s gone for good. No one will ever do it again, so let’s find a way to save what we have. It’s hard to imagine a new building that would be as beautiful as the building that is there. No, it’s not hard, as I look around at the new buildings, it’s impossible to imagine.

Margaret Beaton