Sirs and madams,

No, Bill Wyman, I do not have to admit that the Eagles “have a more reasonable claim to the money than scalpers” [Hitsville, May 6]. The very fact that ticket scalping is illegal is nothing less than a fascistic ploy to lock every discretionary dollar in the vaults of the superrich. You’ll forgive me if I do not weep for the fossilized Eagles when a scalper makes his cut. As for Armiros’s “intriguing solution,” it’s already in place as Barbra Streisand hauls her ancient booty across the nation. But the groups to whom she has sold the tickets have often been forced to eat them because they lack the marketing savvy of the average street hustler.

Fifteen years ago the FBI knocked on my Northbrook door. They were there to serve my brother a subpoena; he was being sued by Cheap Trick for masterminding a plot to sell unlicensed shirts. When they learned that he was only 16, the Trick dropped the charges, forever cementing them in my mind as the coolest Chicagoland band. What they were really doing is affirming the oldest principle of capitalism: go after the big fish. In this case, the big, stinky fish is the Eagles. If you just gotta see them waddle through “Heartache Tonight,” do yourself a favor and buy the cheapest ticket possible–scalped or not.

Ken Kurson

New York City