To the editor:

I’ve just come across the February 7 Reader article on the Colorado Springs Independent’s hoodwinking at the hands of those madcap Second City scamps [Hot Type].

Your reporter got the story substantially right, although I’d like to offer two points of clarification. I did not “demand” an apology from Second City for actor Peter Gwinn’s deception; I told the troupe’s publicist I was running a correction and would include in it an apology if they sent one. They did, and I did. I’m disappointed, though not surprised, to learn the mea culpa was insincere.

And, my primary concern in “spreading the story” was not the further embarrassment I might cause my own paper, despite Mr. Leonard’s assumptions. For better or worse, I was determined to give fellow alternative weeklies a heads-up, lest they, too, fail to appreciate Mr. Gwinn’s sense of humor and unknowingly deceive readers, as we did.

Which leaves me with one elementary, still unanswered question: What’s so funny, in the first place, about a young actor co-opting Roddy McDowall’s bio?

Cate Terwilliger


Colorado Springs Independent