To the editors:

Hazel Thornton (Letters, July 9) has a point; the sale of used CDs does deprive recording artists of their rightful revenues and we should boycott stores that sell used CDs (or used records and tapes, for that matter). Carrying the logic one step further, we should boycott stores that sell used artworks of all kinds. After all, if you can’t buy a used van Gogh, perhaps you’ll buy a new Leroy Neiman?

And why limit our efforts to the audio and visual artists? What about craftspersons and cabinetmakers? Stamp out antique stores! And secondhand furniture stores! What about authors and poets, aren’t they artists, too? Stomp out used-book dealers!

To really get the economy moving, and do justice to everyone, we’ll have to stamp out secondhand-clothing stores (my younger daughter would have seconded a motion to stamp out hand-me-downs) and resale shops of all sorts.

Talk about an idea whose time has come, how about used-car dealers!

Benjamin H. Cohen