By Mario Kladis

There were three of us standing in front of the Charles Ray orgy at the Museum of Contemporary Art last Friday night–me, a short girl wearing rabbit ears, and a tall girl in a see-through dress. They were both really pretty and they were talking about the artwork. Since I couldn’t tell what I thought of it, I moved closer to hear their opinions and maybe make up one of my own. Adjusting her bunny ears, the short girl said, “If he was gonna do all the same guy, you’d think he’d make him better looking.” The see-through-dress girl laughed, tilted her friend’s bunny ears to one side, and said, “Or at least give him a bigger dick!” They walked away giggling, leaving me alone with the naked guy. I tried to look at his penises out of the corner of my eye, but felt weird about it. I walked away too.