In response to “Culture: Aliens Stole Our Brains!” [September 30] by Paul Pekin: Mr. Pekin smugly asserts, “This whole flying saucer thing . . . it’s such an obvious pack of shit.” Mr. Pekin continues, as all UFO debunker types, to practice what I call “Truth by Proclamation.” In other words, debunkers never discuss the exorbitant scientific evidence of UFOs, all they do is slam the field of UFOLOGY indiscriminately without addressing the relevant data. Pekin can’t even get the locations and phenomena straight that he thinks he’s debunking. His piece wasn’t journalism, it was junk-pop writing.

Where’s the mention in Mr. Pekin’s article of: the clinical psychological testing supporting Abductee claims, the nasal implants from Abductees now at MIT and Harvard, the 300 witnesses to the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, the 25,000 cattle mutilations nationwide of unknown origin, the 7,000 crop circles worldwide, military witnesses, the MIT UFO conference proceedings (1992) with over 250 scientists, the 1960s UFO congressional hearings on UFOs with prestigious physicists, astronomers, etc.

Of course Mr. Pekin avoids all this data because his Newtonian, materialistic, superficial posture makes him feel comfortable. It’s a defense mechanism, because UFOs call everything we know into question. None of Mr. Pekin’s objections stand up to scrutiny. Too bad the “government stole our brains,” so that Mr. Pekin and others cannot grasp the obvious, extraordinary extraterrestrial phenomenon playing itself out on our planet. Of course it’s an old story called “don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is already made up.” Whenever Mr. Pekin decides to stop hiding, I’ll be glad to supply him with the facts, and documentation.

Mark Perk