To the editors:

It’s an old drum, but I guess someone’s going to have to beat it a little louder if they want to wake up Albert Williams. In his recent review of Excerpts From the Attorney General’s Report on Pornography [Critic’s Choice, July 12], Williams poses the question, “Is there a causal relationship between pornography and sexual violence, or are both symptoms of a sick culture whose urge to repress and tidy up sexual impulses leads inevitably to the opposite result?”

Williams has obviously made the common, unfortunate decision to emphasize the sex in sexual violence, rather than the violence. Pornography and sexual assault are the results of a sick society, but one which allows the repression and degradation of women to be acceptable, rather than one trying to repress sexual impulse (though, certainly, ours does that, too). Innuendoes such as the one made by Williams, however innocent they may be in intent, allow society to avoid what is truly at the heart of both problems–misogyny.

A. Sabor


Albert Williams replies:

I didn’t pose the question. I said the show did.