To the editors:

With regard to the militant women [“Group Efforts: Women Who Hate Men Who Have Penises,” March 16]; am I alone in feeling that their position is fraught with inconsistency? How is it, for example, that a Wesselmann or Balthus may be considered an offensive assault on women, yet if a man is offended by a picture of another man bound and having his genitals cut off he is taking “it personally–that’s (his) problem”?

And may I point out that while these women seem very satisfied with the fact that their show is guaranteed to upset, so would a show launched by Nazi artists depicting the evils inflicted on this world by genetically inferior minorities.

Many of these women are the equals of the sexist creeps they so despise. Congratulations ladies, a little hate and violence never hurt anyone, right?

Bukah Isaak