Once again the insipid if not megalomaniacal Margasak has made glaring, ridiculous omissions in his “Local Record Roundup” [Post No Bills, December 12]. How is it that the Chicago Reader continually ignores a robust and innovative local rock scene? Does Peter find the musical tastes of real Chicagoans too pedestrian for his highbrow column? Does it have to be aristo-avante jazz/noise to get the attention of Chicago’s premier “news and criticism” source? (We all know you’re really from Green Bay, Peter, but you got the job, so we’ll play along.) Real music apparently only comes from Winnetka, Ankara, Siberia, or just anywhere but here. And God forbid it rocks! Peter, you’re like one of those well-greased senators who pander shamelessly to the special interests while completely ignoring the majority of your constituency. Do you find our tastes so beneath your palate? It sure seems so.

Have you ever even heard of Frank Ciampi, Nick Kapka, or Dave McLean? They are only some of Chicago’s greatest musical talents. No? OK, how about some of the best front men in the world: Roach, Joe Kelly, or Karl Patten of the legendary Impulse Manslaughter–ever heard of them? Too hard-core for your sensitive eardrums? How about Matt Bessemer, ever heard of him? He’s only the best rock singer in the country, schmuck! They are all from right here in Chicago, not that anyone would ever hear it from the Chicago Reader, because its music “news and criticism” source finds rock distasteful or something.

Well, we the people, you know, the ignorant unclean masses you so magnanimously deign to inform: we love rock, dumbass! Stop trying to save us from our own bad judgment, senator–you voted “yes” on that stupid seat-belt law too, didn’t you?–and report on the local rock scene. From the rock-steady drive of American Motherload to the grind and slam of Lungbrush to the speed-kills hardcore of Fleabag, you have tuned out some of the most vital and gifted voices that Chicago has to offer. Christ, Ethyline was the Foo Fighters before Nirvana grunged its last notes, and they have been patently ignored for over nine years!

Look, Peter, we know you can’t be everywhere at once, and there is a lot of great music to cover in our city, but it’s got to be awfully hard to look around with your head so far up your ass, no? If only there was some way we could vote you out of office, but alas, the musical politic at the Reader is apparently an aristocracy and not a democracy. Maybe we’ll just have to create a more representative periodical.