To the editors:

I have to tell someone about the sheer joy I experienced on reading Ms. Karczmar’s piece on the “ladies of Cleveland Avenue” [“Tina and Rosie Don’t Live Here Anymore,” April 22].

Her characterizations were masterful; how much I would like to have met them and been “forced” to participate in the activities they precipitated. To be with them, to share in their efforts and to live near them would add a great deal to the usual sterile atmosphere of city living. As Ms. Karczmar recognized, they are people who need to be told about. These ladies impress me (as a result of Ms. Karczmar’s descriptions) as being lovable, caring, sensitive and “motherly” in the kindest sense of that word.

What has become of them–where are they now–who is “taking care” of that block on Cleveland? Tell us more, Ms. Karczmar!

Harry A. Root

Highland Park