To the editors:

So Tom Boeker doesn’t like our production at the Prop Thtr (Reader, March 24)? So what else is new? Unfortunately, this is not surprising–not just from Mr. Boeker, but from your paper in general, which long ago lost all critical credibility due to sheer negativity and pompous knee-jerk liberalizing.

What else can your readers expect when Mr. Boeker suggests that the fanciful Irish stereotypes of our play should have an evening’s chat “with an IRA soldier” to “learn to distinguish between an Irishman and a mantelpiece ornament”? By describing the IRA man as a soldier and not as a terrorist, he betrays his bias, and, in effect, would have us exchange one stereotype for another.

I won’t pretend that Falling Upward is a great play. But I wish the Reader would stop pretending to be responsible journalism when it poses as the keeper of our social conscience. Get off the soapbox and join the rest of the working class, okay?

Herb Metzler

W. Catalpa