Just wondering, what the hell do any of Rosenbaum’s movie reviews mean? Are they for the movie or against it? Are they positive, negative, neutral, a little of both? Does he think he’s writing for creative composition 101? I mean, these are movie reviews, not his personal stage to showcase his profound knowledge of cinematic masterpiece interpretation. See what I mean? I’ve yet to read a movie review in the Reader that actually made sense. Fire this guy and hire someone that can write a sensible movie review. I read his “reviews,” and I’m not sure if the movie is worthwhile or not. I simply can’t tell. Maybe the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” approach is too simple, but at least you know what Ebert thinks of the movie. Rosenbaum is too preoccupied with sounding really intelligent to his readers and not doing a real service to his readers and your publication.

Darrin F.