The Accidentally Conceived JOB PROGRAM in the article by Linda Lutton in the June 16 edition of the Reader should have more properly been entitled: FAST GIRLS OUT TO SCORE.

Only the two white women interviewed (profiled) in the puffery piece, King Jean Butzen and Miss Pat Tucker of LAKEFRONT SRO, disguised as real journalism, will benefit from the fat grant mayor of the city of Chicago.

Who do you think you are fooling? A REGISTERED lobbyist with the city, LAKEFRONT SRO fails to get even one of their tenants in the 900 units it runs so much as a job as a maid or room attendant in a hotel. The only reason they are in it now is for the mercenary and commercial reason that the money is there right now.

Janice V. Thomas

Illinois Lakefront Tenant Movement

Linda Lutton replies:

Pat Tucker is African-American.

An update on Antoinette Merridith: She got the job at Ameritech as a customer systems technician. She started training this week; her starting hourly wage will be $13. One other student from Lakefront SRO’s network cabling and fiber-optics class has been offered a job; the other five are still in the interview process. Merridith brings to 111 the total number of people who have found employment through the trailers at the Hilliard and Ickes public housing projects (the Near South Side Community Job Training Center) since Lakefront SRO started offering job training and placement services there last November.