Dear editors:

The minute I saw the article on the Northlight Theatre [Neighborhood News, June 17], I said to myself, “Uh oh!” Wilmette is a pretty scary place to live. It is devoid of anything substantially interesting, but full of people who are narrow-minded and proud of it. If I had any choice, I would not live in such a village; however, I’m still dependent on my parents, and this is where they chose to live. I am, as usual, mortified by the actions our village has taken to keep culture out.

If any official had bothered asking my opinion, I would have said to weclome Northlight with open arms. It would be a blessing for our community. Now, though, I guess I’ll just have to continue to leave Wilmette whenever I want to see thought-provoking and enriching plays. Why does that not surprise me?!?

Suzanne Reisman


PS: Good luck to the Northlight in finding a new home.