Re: “Mode Enhancers,” Zippy, July 26.

While I have been a long-term reader of the Reader, I rarely read the comics in Section Four. But I encountered this Zippy panel and wonder if I have already missed the other humorous episodes: The panel where a diabetic “shoots up” insulin; or an AIDS patient opts for AZT; or a cancer patient chooses chemotherapy.

With all the physical illnesses around, the potential for your humor is mind-boggling.

I am sure you don’t intend to just make fun of people who are mentally ill and need medicine.

Perhaps it is humor such as “Mode Enhancers” that allows our legislators to laugh at paying equitably for medical treatment for mental illness?

Perhaps it is humor such as this that adds to the stigma of mental illness and causes sick people to avoid treatment and help?

Perhaps you don’t realize that this humor hurts?

I hope you can find other themes to engage your creativeness.

J. Friedman

W. Diversey