To the editors:

After reading Ms. Levinsohn’s piece on school reform [May 26], I can only hope she is correct.

As a substitute teacher in the system, I have experienced so many frustrations that they are too numerous to recount. But just for a “taste” of same, I enclose a Xerox copy of my last paycheck stub. Note, if you will, the egregious errors–the omissions, the miscalculations, the discrepancies.

The Chicago system is simply TOO BIG. Like the federal government, it is an overpowering behemoth, a labyrinthine bureaucracy so immense that the “little guy” is impersonally ground up and victimized without much recourse except if he is fortunate enough to know someone in power.

It’s my hope that one man, Mayor Daley, can perform a much needed miracle, but I’m not going to keep my fingers crossed.