To the editors:

I must say that I am shocked and disappointed that the Reader would allow itself to be used as a tool for the promotion of the gospel according to Bryant “Dwayne” Thomas [“Skinheads,” March 24]. As a victim of skinhead violence (I am the motorcycle rider who was stabbed and nearly died), I am extremely upset that the Reader would print such a biased, pro-skinhead article. The author of the article is obviously one of Dwayne’s lackeys; who else would describe him as charismatic and charming, when everyone I know describes him as a loudmouthed thug. Mr. Wyman should take a course in objective journalism, and while he is at it, one in finding out the facts before writing. To infer, as he does that I went down there to “mix it up,” is absurd. No one in their right mind would be alone on a motorcycle if he had the slightest intention of getting in a fight. He also states that Dwayne spent a year in jail before the charges were dropped. This is an outright lie because due to the confusion that night, no warrant was ever issued for his arrest. He was not even charged with anything related to that event until over a year later. Charges were dropped only because I was not notified by the States Attorney when his trial came up.

The author fondly describes the skinheads as intellectual loners whose mission it is to rid the world of the scourge of Nazism. I would describe them as violent, ignorant cretins who use “Nazism” as an excuse for beating the shit out of people, frequently young women.

The Reader is usually a fine newspaper, with well-written feature stories. The paper also seems to be directed at a younger audience. I think you have an obligation to those readers to print facts and the truth, not the hero-worshipping drivel of an aspiring National Enquirer writer.

Name withheld

Bill Wyman replies:

Dwayne Thomas spent a year in jail awaiting trial for some incident in his past; I got it mixed up with the night in question. I apologize.